Custom Work

Hi Power


Anything you want on a Hi Power. You can add and delete any features you like. This gun has stipple front and back strap, top of slide stippled, Novak sights, trigger job, C&S safety, beavertail modification with C&S hammer and reliability work.

As shown is about 1100.00



I can provide almost any modification to a 1911. From basic sights and a trigger job to a full blown custom gun. This was built from a Caspian slide and frame. Notice the dovetail free Bo-Mar installation. Full Caspian 1911 builds start at 1800.00. But customizing your gun to similar specs starts at 850.00.



Grip reductions, Forward cocking serrations, RDS machining and more.



Barrels shortened, custom sights made, action work, and pretty much anything else your heart desires.

Single Actions too


This had the barrel shortened and a new sight installed. I do action work, repairs and modifications to most single action revolvers.

And more


Custom made sights for a NAA 32. If you need something unusual done, just ask. I also do rifle and shotgun work.